Interior Design Tips and Rules of Thumb

Stevan’s Consignment: helping you create your perfect space.

A few large pieces makes a space appear larger vs. a bunch of small pieces.

Always best to select your rug first and use it as the color pallet for your space.

Choose a focal point and build your room around it…ex. fireplace, picture window.

Light and mirrors help to create space.

Mirrors on top of fireplaces are a NO NO.

Always ask yourself…what am I reflecting? If the answer is a ceiling fan or nothing…the placement of the mirror is not correct.

Furniture Arranging

Divide large rooms into several sections to promote different areas for activities.

By bringing the furniture into the room you will create angles of interest, as well as soften corners.

Create a focal point in the room by a grand or perceptible piece of furniture to generate conversation.

It’s better to place large items strategically then to have several small items in a clutter.

Ways To Use Mirrors

Placing large mirrors on the floor creates space and makes the room look bigger.

Mirrors can create more light depending on how you place them, put a mirror near a light fixture or a window to further the lighting in the room.

Choosing the Right Rug

Rugs are an inexpensive way to center a room.

A rug can bring color and make the room feel more comfortable and complete.

Choosing the right rug size all depends on the shape and size of the room.


When selecting a paint color for your space, we suggest painting a 24″ x 24″ sample patch on one of the walls in the space you wish to paint. Examine your sample in the am, noon, and pm before selecting your final color. Color hues increase in 25% increments.

Incandescent lighting brings out warm tones

Fluorescent lighting casts a sharp blue tone

Make sure when choosing different colors in your home each room interacts/flows with one another.

Pay attention to the mood of the room, do you want your playroom to be interactive?… choose a bright hue. Do you want your living room or family room to be relaxing and cozy?.. choose a neutral or grey tone.

Painting a small room with a darker color makes the room appear larger.

Use colors that reflect the style of your home.


Layer your lighting.

Use accent lights to highlight certain objects.

Using different lighting can give a room dimension.

Choosing the wrong sized light fixture can make a room look disproportionate.

Color Scheme/Flow

Use lighter and darker shades of the same color

You can create continuity by choosing hues with similar undertones. For example: If you love browns with yellow undertones look for other colors with yellow undertones.

Pick your paint last, because paint can be matched to just about any color.

Consider the lighting in the room and the impact it will have on your color scheme.

Types of Faux Finishing


Table Setting

Make sure your center piece doesn’t block your company.

Festive table cloths can create/add color with little to no work involved.

Music, lighting, and smell create an ambiance/set the mood.

A rectangular or square dining table can fit more people but a round dining table is more intimate.

  • Napkin (1)

  • Salad fork (2)

  • Dinner fork (3)

  • Dessert fork (4)

  • Bread and butter plate, with butter knife (5)

  • Dinner plate (6)

  • Dinner knife (7)

  • Teaspoon (8)

  • Soup spoon (9)

  • Cocktail fork (10)

  • Water glass (11)

  • Red wine glass (12)

  • White wine glass (13)

Step by Step How to Decorate a Christmas tree:

Step 1: Fluff the tree & add lights if not already pre-lit , start from the top and work your way down, making sure each layer is 5-7” apart.

Step 2: Identify your color scheme.

Step 3: Either chose a piece of fabric or find a tree skirt to hide the base of the tree.

Step 4: Start by filling your tree with sprays or ribbon. When placing sprays in the tree remember to have them stick out as far as the branch or even an inch or two

Step 5: Next you want to begin with your largest ornaments placing them deep in the tree to give it dimension.

Step 6: Then take your medium to smaller ornaments and place them towards the outer part of the branches.

Step 7: When arranging your ornaments make sure you create a diamond affect.

Step 8: After you have finished with your ornaments, add your tree topper.