How to Decorate a Christmas Tree


Step 1: Fluff the tree & add lights if not already pre-lit , start from the top and work your way down, making sure each layer is 5-7” apart.

Step 2: Identify your color scheme.

Step 3: Either chose a piece of fabric or find a tree skirt to hide the base of the tree.

Step 4: Start by filling your tree with sprays or ribbon. When placing sprays in the tree remember to have them stick out as far as the branch or even an inch or two

Step 5: Next you want to begin with your largest ornaments placing them deep in the tree to give it dimension.

Step 6: Then take your medium to smaller ornaments and place them towards the outer part of the branches.

Step 7: When arranging your ornaments make sure you create a diamond affect.

Step 8: After you have finished with your ornaments, add your tree topper.