Estate Sales

If you are interested in having an estate sale, consider using Stevan’s Consignment to conduct the sale for you!

How does an estate sale with Stevan’s work?

We will come out to your home and take photographs of all of the items you are interested in selling.  From there, we will put together a pricing proposal for you.  Once pricing is agreed upon, we will select the dates for the actual sale.  Once the dates have been selected, we will arrange to organize, price and set up all of your items in your home as if they were in our showrooms. We will handle all of the marketing for you.  We will conduct either a private sale, public sale or both over a one, two or three day period. 

What happens if the items don't sell?

Items not sold may be taken back to one of our showrooms and sold on consignment.  We may also recommend donating items to one of our local charities.  

How much do I make from the sale of my items?

You earn 60% of what the items sell for during the sale. The other 40% will cover all of our services, plus any delivery fees for dropping items off at either one of our showrooms and/or the charity of your choice.