Henredon Consignment Furniture

Many of the Henredon collections translate well to today's modern/contemporary interior designs. The high quality wood and veneers can look quite elegant when placed against a roughly textured white wall. Stevan’s welcomes consignment furnishings from Henredon. 

Hendredon is a North Carolina manufacturer that was founded right after World War II in 1945.  Their initial offering was three chests.  Today, they make furniture for every room. 

Owners of the finest homes invested in Henredon furniture. They still do.  Quality endures through the changes in tastes and design.  Solid wood, fine veneers, detailed fittings, and the latest fabrics always ensure Henredon furniture develops with the times.

These are some of Stevan’s favorite pieces that have passed from owner to owner through our galleries.

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