Baker Furniture

Baker, Baker Furniture, Knapp, and Tubbs are identifiable, not only by their brass nameplate or branding, but also by the beautiful construction and finishes. Stevan’s is quite adept at discerning the age, group, and/or style to establish a fair selling price for both sellers and buyers.

Baker Furniture was once known as Baker, Knapp, & Tubbs in Grand Rapids, Michigan.  By 1947 Baker opened several factories and warehouse facilities in High Point, North Carolina where it is headquartered today. 

The California based interior designer, Barbara Barry, introduced a successful line of furnishings.  The Baker name inscribed into their furniture designates the piece of solid quality and design.  Their Chippendale Chair #798 has been added to The Smithsonian Institute permanent collection.  This company strives to produce the finest quality furniture in the market.

Baker was founded in 1910.  The company has led the industry in many "firsts."  An Art Deco collection made it's appearance in 1925.  The first truly Asian collection was introduced in 1947.  The Danish Modern collection appeared in 1951.  Always quality.  Always Baker.